Boulder Bake

Boulder Bake

Boulder, CO
Anna Fletcher was serving up gourmet meals to families in Boulder, Colorado in 2013 when one of her clients asked her to bake cookies. But these weren't your standard chocolate chip cookies; this client's son was on a strict grain-free diet because he suffered from Lyme disease. So Anna used her culinary training to create a new, almond flour-based cookie that had all the flavor with none of the grain. 

Boulder Bake creates gluten-free, grain-free, paleo cookies and mixes using only the highest quality, unrefined ingredients. Anna, a mother of four, a professional chef and a lover of food, is proud to now be able to nourish her community with Boulder Bake cookies. Boulder Bake is also committed to nourishing the world: they donate 1% of all their profits to the E4 Project, which helps improve the lives of villagers in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).
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