Fifth Crow Farm

Fifth Crow Farm

Pescadero, CA
Fifth Crow Farm is a dynamic and diversified organic farm in Pescadero, CA, grounded in a values-based approach to land stewardship. Founded in 2008 with little more than a shoestring budget, a supportive local community, and ambitious dreams, they strive to bring eaters the highest quality, best tasting, and most nutritious food possible. Fifth Crow is situated in the Cloverdale Valley, 45 miles from San Francisco and 35 miles from Santa Cruz. They are dedicated to building an agriculture that is economically viable, socially just, and ecologically sound. That means stewarding their land in a way that not only respects but improves habitat for wildlife and builds better soil for future farmers. It also means creating a healthy, fulfilling, and fair work environment, and providing their customers with the best tasting, most nutritious, highest quality food possible.

Fifth Crow Farm is a part of an ongoing partnership between Good Eggs and Kitchen Table Advisors (KTA), focused on helping to support the diverse next generation of sustainable small farms and ranches that feed the Bay Area. KTA is a Bay Area-based non-profit offering farmers and ranchers in Northern California business advising and practical financial tools. They work primarily with individuals who are social and environmental change-makers—in particular, female farmers, immigrant farmers, and farmers of color. Together with KTA and Fifth Crow Farm, we are fueling long-term economic viability for our sustainable food system and providing a critical market connection to hungry eaters who are passionate about good food.
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