Hanson of Sonoma

Hanson of Sonoma

Sonoma, CA

The Hanson family got its start and inspiration in the world of craft spirits when Chris Hanson came home from London inspired to make unique artisan vodkas. Meanwhile, his brother Brandon Hanson was living in LA, actor by day and bartender by night, crafting his own infusions and creating unusual and adventurous cocktails. Together they found a passion (or one might say an obsession) for making craft spirits. They joined forces, pitched siblings Darren and Alanna and their parents Scott and Judy on starting an artisanal spirit company, and the rest is history.

The lack of artisan craft vodka on the market gave the Hansons their niche, but it didn’t stop there. They had a vision of an organic, grape-based, gluten-free and non-GMO vodka presented an opportunity for them to develop something truly unique that would give vodka drinkers everywhere the option to choose something different.

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Organic Habanero Vodka
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