Deer Creek Heights Ranch

Organic Large Star Ruby Grapefruit Duo

2 count
$1.89 / lb
Organic Large Star Ruby Grapefruit Duo

Product Details

2 grapefruit, approx. 0.9-1.1 lbs each
Tart and sweet, Organic Large Star Ruby Grapefruits from Deer Creek Heights Ranch are the perfect healthy breakfast or afternoon snack. For a fun dessert option, slice in half, loosen each segment by cutting along each side of the membrane dividers, sprinkle brown sugar to coat, and broil until sugar melts. We also love grapefruit sliced into bright salads, or juiced for Paloma cocktails.

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About The Producer

Deer Creek Heights Ranch
Porterville, CA
Lisle Babcock of Terra Bella, California, is a grower who knows his stuff and always stays on the cutting edge. He has made the transition to organic and is always planting the latest and greatest citrus. He hand picks his oranges, and uses a horsehair brush to clean them and let them 'breathe.' Let Lisle and his family delight you with their wonderful varieties throughout the year!Read more