Eat Albacore

Wild Caught Premium Smoked Albacore Steak

6.5 oz
$1.22 / oz
Wild Caught Premium Smoked Albacore Steak

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6.5 oz can
Our albacore are individually caught using a sustainable hook and line method. Each fish is handled with special care to ensure the finest quality product for you. The fish are carefully loined, hand packed, and pressure cooked, ensuring the nutritional quality is maintained. This premium Albacore Tuna is rich in Omega-3s.

In our smoked albacore, spices are added before smoking and then we have a small amount of olive oil added in each can to replace the small amount of oil lost in the smoking process. This healthy olive oil can then be mixed back into the fish. 

Ingredients: Albacore, salt, sugar, olive oil, spices

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Eat Albacore
Morro Bay
We are a husband/wife team that has been in the commercial fishing industry for about 30 years. After building our boat the Capriccio in 1979, we began fishing for salmon and albacore in the waters between Mexico and Canada. Now our custom canned Premium Albacore Tuna is also being featured on many local menus.Read more