Organic Vanilla Cake Mix

20 oz
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Organic Vanilla Cake Mix

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20 oz, makes 2 8" cakes
Complete with simple, family-friendly instructions on the back of the box, Foodstirs' Organic Vanilla Cake Mix is everything a "quick-scratch" recipe could be. You'll need 3 eggs, 9 tbsp of butter, 6 tbsp of milk, 6 tbsp of yogurt, and two 8" pans (square or round, either will work!). Makes two 8" cakes, or about 18" cupcakes. Decorate with Foodstirs' Organic Vanilla Frosting Mix and your favorite sprinkles or fresh fruit!

Ingredients: organic unbleached wheat flour, biodynamic® cane sugar, organic sunflower oil, baking powder, organic vanilla flavor, sea salt.
Contains: wheat.

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About The Producer

Foodstirs uses heirloom and Identity Preserved USA-grown flour, fair-trade chocolate and cocoa, biodynamic cane sugar, and natural chemical-free colors—because natural is delicious, and they want to help families find the time to enjoy delicious baking projects together.Read more