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Organic Hass Avocado Trio

3 count
$4.88 / lb
Organic Hass Avocado Trio

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Approx. 1.5-1.65 lb per trio
The Hass is the most popular avocado in the United States due to its high production, amazing flavor, and thick, durable skin. The skin of these avocados will turn black when ripe and should yield slightly to the touch. Enjoy these with chips and salsa for your next homemade guacamole, slice and enjoy on toast with a squeeze of lemon, or blend into your next morning smoothie.

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Eco Farms
Temecula, CA
As with all the products in our Marketplace, we prioritize working with local producers as seasonality allows, and we maintain our strict sourcing standards. We source Organic Hass Avocados from many of our trusted partners, including Rancho Vasquez, and many others.Read more