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Avocado Fed Ground Pork (Frozen)

1 lb
$5.99 / lb
Avocado Fed Ground Pork (Frozen)

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1 lb package, arrives frozen
Our goal at Stepladder Avocado Fed Pork is to create Hog Heaven. Our heritage Gloucester Old Spots roam 200 acres of forest with incredibly low density, and no fences. They are chaperoned by our livestock guardian dog, Gus, and free to forage, root, and just be happy pigs. They return to a small paddock in a gulch where they find water, a small amount of non-GMO, vegetarian grain ration, and all of the avocados we find on the ground of our orchards.  

Heritage pigs have slightly smaller cuts than modern breeds, but the marbling and fat content makes up for it ten-fold.

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Stepladder Ranch
Cambria, CA
We are a family farm on the Central Coast specializing in the creamiest, richest avocados.Read more