Star Anise Foods

Star Anise Foods

San Francisco, CA

Star Anise Foods came into being when we found that most Asian noodles available in stores were one of two types: either unhealthy (over-processed or fried, made with white rice and flour, or full of unknown chemicals) or they were healthy and wholegrain, but tasted like cardboard masquerading as noodles.

Unlike most other rice products, Star Anise Foods uses whole grain brown rice that is high in fiber and nutrients, contains no MSG and is low in sodium. We’ve also added organic green tea from ancient tea trees in the mountains of North Vietnam. Brown Rice Spring Roll Wrappers are as good for you as they taste: a nourishing, soulful, safe food if you are gluten-intolerant, sensitive to MSG, want a healthy tasty quick meal, or love summer rolls and want to make them at home.

All Star Anise Foods products are gluten free, Non-GMO, vegan, low in sodium and made with the highest quality wholegrain ingredients sourced personally by Karen & Thao. 

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Tortillas & Flatbreads

Rice Spring Roll Wrappers
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